Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater System in Tacoma

Hayes Heating and Cooling Tacoma tankless water heaterA tankless water heater system can be a great addition to any home and may effectively replace any traditional heater or boiler. By heating water as it is needed instead of an entire tank at a time, it has many benefits. Understanding how one of these impacts your life can help you decide whether you want one. 

Energy Efficiency

Tankless heaters are around 30% more energy-efficient than traditional water heaters. If your household is typically using less than 41 gallons of water a day, you could save even more energy. All of this translates to hundreds of dollars in potential savings every year with one of these heaters. 

Small Footprint

For smaller homes, this kind of heater is a great option. Since you don’t need the space for a huge water heater, you can place one in a closet or utility space. Like ductless heating and cooling solutions, this opens up many more options for your home’s design if you are building from scratch or remodeling, too. 

Faster Heating

Traditional water heaters take a long time to replenish because they have to heat many gallons of water at once. A tankless water heater system, however, heats water as needed and requires almost no lead time to deliver it. Cold showers can be a thing of the past since you have hot water on-demand. 

Need a Tankless Water Heater System in Tacoma?

If you’re ready to consider a tankless heater that can make your home more efficient and comfortable, Hayes Heating and Cooling can help you choose the right model and install it, too. Our professional technicians also specialize in air purification systems, air conditioning and heating services, gas fireplaces, and ductless heating and cooling systems. Contact us today to learn whether a tankless water heater is right for you.  

Professional Tankless Water Heater System Installation in Tacoma

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